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Khadi Gram Industries, Panchayat Industry, Rural Development, Literature or Science, Advancement of Fine Arts, Education for Informational Information, (Political Education), Public libraries / forestry established for the public, painted paintings or other art works / art galleries / galleries, Compilation of natural history, mechanical / philosophical, multicultural.
1. Establishment and operation of nursery, primary, junior high school, high school intermediate school and undergraduate-postgraduate college for educational development of children / girls.
2. All computer education and hardware / software, mobile repairing, typing, shorthand, industrial, technical, practical technology, business, ITI, polytechnic, managment, yoga, sports, agriculture, and other industries for the development and welfare of children / girls and youth / Under the NSDC of sewing, weaving, embroidery, cutting, painting, modeling, fashion design, henna, makeup, beauty parlor, painting arts, handicrafts, singing, playing, dance, etc. and Government of India Administering and operating education
3. Properity of all subjects and languages according to the new education system, and free library for the poor, helpless, and meritorious students, incest, playground, hostels, and the provision of book aids and scholarship and preparation of various types of competitions. Encourage them to participate in it,
4. According to intellectual abilities, physical disabilities, learning divyangas, intellectuals, blind devotees, blind people, bone-disabled, mute-deaf, mentally ill and women, poor children, scheduled castes / tribes, forest dwellers, Dalits, minorities, powerlooms, handlooms, khadi, weavers, Divorcee, widow, destitute women, children / girls, teaching / training, expelled from different sections of society, handicrafts, kishanos and different sections of society. Special arrangements Nrwas and do everything possible for their Vikash Medical and Utdhan,
5.To make people aware of different types of pollution related to the environment and to organize exhibition / camp at the loss due to pollution and to make every possible effort to stop pollution and promote plantation activities further. To increase the agricultural yield, various types of camps, display of suitable seeds of seeds and arrangement of training workshops and improvement of work on it.Operate the water conservation work and conduct Ganga Cleanliness and Cleanliness campaign. Working on alternative solar energy, wind energy etc. Helping the public in every possible way at the time of divine disasters.
6. To facilitate clean drinking water facilities and to arrange hand pumps and work on water sanitation and to try to organize community toilets.
7. Social Welfare Department and Central and State Social Welfare Advisory Board, SIFA, NREGA / MNREGA, CAPART, NABARD, District Rural Department, NEDA, Duda Suda, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, UNICEF, Vyakkara, Sifsa, Cement, Saif India, Naurad, World Health Organization, conducted by HRD Ministry and participating women welfare programs and set up the cluster development scheme. Make it
8. Touch-fingering, high-low, discrimination, drinking, dowry, illiteracy, child marriage, handicap wages, child labor, assassination, vetery, sexual exploitation, gambling, intoxication, drug use, delusionalism, superstitions, etc. Attempts to organize and redress the awareness programs against the evils
9. Marriage of boys and girls of poor, non-resident families of society and providing financial support to them. Establishment of Vocational Training, Small Village Industry, Home Industry, and the formation of self-help groups and implementation of women empowerment for the development of women.
10. To disseminate all kinds of serious diseases in the society, propagate and establish free medical, rehabilitation center, prayer center, natural medicine, leprosy ashram, old age service and widow service ashram, child shelter. Research in the field of science, medicine, agriculture, yoga and ayurveda, homeopath, and charitable hospital and health center, establishment of health care and family planning, vaccination, blood donation, work for mother and child welfare and free medicines, doctors and Providing ambulance facility and organizing healthy camps with the permission of the concerned department
11. Organizing social activities and organizing social activities from time to time, social work, opinion conference, poet conference, mythology, discourse, astrology, religious and spiritual programs from time to time. For publication of newspapers and publications for public awareness, free distribution and organizing camp
12. To assist in the management of national development and social service activities such as family welfare, women education, plantation, literacy mission, handicap welfare, polio campaign, adult education, informal education, environmental protection, cleanliness campaign, daughter save daughter training campaign, and pollution control Implementation of activities, skill development scheme and promotion and implementation of all other government schemes Weaning.
13. Organizing and conducting sports, gymnastics, competition programs and making knowledge people a good citizen by providing knowledge, physical, physical, mental education.
14. To supervise the care of helpless and sick animals through the institution and arrange their medical and living arrangements and manage the cattle.
15. To improve the educational level of illiterate, non-resident and disabled people living in slums in the rural and urban areas, by establishing the women's body, to accelerate the pace of development under the government scheme and to self employment.
16. Free arrangements of food produce, drinking water, clothes and housing for poor and deprived people.
17. For the welfare of transgender society.

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